Web Developer


Web Developer


Full Name

鄭景仁 / Chin-Jen Cheng


January 6, 1990




中文, English



+886 931 077 193




  • Not just make work done, it's more about maintainability and stability, this is what I'm doing and what I'm chasing.
  • Good at communicating and cooperating across different teams
  • I care people who work with me, care organizational cultures to make you feel safe to say anything about your thought, so I always encourage people to speak up, no matter who you are speaking with




  • Node.js (3 years)
  • Golang (1 year)


  • PostgreSQL (GCP)
  • MongoDB (Atlas)
  • Firebase

Google Cloud Platform

  • Kubernetes
  • Pub/Sub
  • Cloud Functions
  • App Engine


  • Lambda
  • API Gateway


  • Terraform
  • Redis (Redis Labs)
  • Elasticsearch (AWS)
  • CircleCI
  • Bitbucket Pipeline



  • React 16.2
  • Redux

CSS preprocessor

  • Sass
  • Stylus


Sep.2018 ~ Nov.2020

工程師 / Engineer

工程師 / EngineerSep.2018 ~ Nov.2020

  • Provide a booking management system for Food and Beverage service
  • Provide good quality products which serve to 4+ countries in APAC, avg. 38K reservations created per day in 2019
  • Work with remote team member located in New York
  • Create Customer Service Guideline, planning how to handle customer service
  • Planning API implementation guideline for develop team, separate single controller into several layers in API

Staging Environment
  • Build a staging environment with our infrastructure stack
  • Integrate with Loader.io for the purpose of testing like stress testing, performance testing
  • Integrate with CircleCI, make performance testing as one of our CI/CD pipeline
  • Planning near-production data cloning and generating in staging environment

Data Monitoring System
  • Gathering data from client (iOS App) and server, compare the difference to determine the data synchronization status
  • Measure latency between client and all cloud services, visualize in Kibana, populate data to Stackdriver and setup alert
  • Determine the bottleneck, keep optimize our service

Billing System
  • Maintain and handle the current billing process
  • Planning new billing system and accounting system, automate manual works including calculations, payment and invoicing, handling complicate pricing model

Dec.2017 ~ Aug.2018

工程師 / Engineer

工程師 / EngineerDec.2017 ~ Aug.2018

  • Use Node.js, Express.js, Gulp.js, React, Redux, Pug, MongoDB, Redis
  • I'm in charge of back-end and front-end development

Involved project
  • Customer service system
    • Front-end and back-end development for the chat room, analysis system, reporting system
    • Using Socket.io to communicate between client and server side
  • Real-time chat system
    • Front-end and back-end development for the landing page, admin dashboard, chat room
    • Using Socket.io to communicate between client and server side
  • Recommendation system in lottery game
    • Back-end develop for gaming logic implementation, lottery drawing calculation
    • Using Electron to build client-side application

Oct.2016 ~ Dec.2017

後端工程師 / Back-end Developer

後端工程師 / Back-end DeveloperOct.2016 ~ Dec.2017

  • Cooperate with front-end team and mobile application team

Involved project
  • Back-end API
    • Develop and maintain API
    • Optimize MySQL query
  • Crawler service
    • Crawl target website periodically with task manager
    • Implemented data validation, prevent fake result from spam website
    • Implemented a simple failover for all crawler server with Heartbeat Mechanism
  • API for iOS and Android App
    • Optimize response data content, decrease network throughput
    • Implemented API version control system
    • Implemented App version control system, can do live(hot) update, support app rollback without re-submitting for review

Back-end development stack I used
  • Using Golang for back-end API development
  • Using MySQL to store data, handling huge data by using index and partition
  • Using Gulp.js to do the batch task

Mar.2016 ~ Sep.2016

專案經理 / Project Manager

@FLiPER Creative Inc. (Taiwan)

專案經理 / Project ManagerMar.2016 ~ Sep.2016

  • Project management
  • Business development
  • System analysis and design

Mar.2015 ~ Sep.2016

工程師 / Engineer

工程師 / EngineerMar.2015 ~ Sep.2016

Contributed to outsourcing business

  • Setup website infrastructure
  • Developed websites using WordPress (PHP + MySQL)
  • Customized the WordPress module, including administrator dashboard, membership level system, email system, online shop, crowdfunding platform
  • Design website front-end layout
  • Developed payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce (AllPay, PayPal, ECPay, Pay2GO, Spagateway)

Nov.2014 ~ Mar.2015

工程實習生 / Engineer Internship

工程實習生 / Engineer InternshipNov.2014 ~ Mar.2015

  • Developed Joomla's payment gateway plugin, using T-CAT (統一客樂得) Payment
  • Developed WordPress plugin


Sep.2008 ~ Jun.2012

銘傳大學 / Ming Chuan University

銘傳大學 / Ming Chuan UniversitySep.2008 ~ Jun.2012

資訊工程系 / Department of CSIE